Your Guide to the Ultimate 'Post-Gym Grooming' Routine

You've just finished your workout. 

With a runner’s high and a bodybuilder’s pump you feel accomplished. As you refill your water bottle, you can’t tell if it’s the fountain or your body. 

Drip. Drop. 

You’re sweating victory, but even glory comes at a cost. 

The good news is that cost is avoidable with proper workout grooming. See, that sweat may mean you’ve pushed yourself, but it also means that you may have some hygiene to take care of. You’d think that the water we sweat out would hydrate you, but it’s the loss of hydration. Salt also stands out of the bacteria and mineral laced crowd within your skin. It happens to be the primary argument as to why a post workout skincare routine is so necessary.

We want to clean that environment up, nourish it, and have it feeling refreshed. There’s also a huge bonus of feeling awake and alert from a post workout skincare routine. That’s what makes it the real finish line of a great workout. We go to the gym to look good, so we might as well leave the gym looking good! 

You wouldn’t use the moisturizer or face wash a hotel leaves you, so you wouldn’t want to use the gym’s either. They typically use many contradicting ingredients that are more against you than for you. That’s even if they have skincare products. 

Before you get your sweat on, take care of your carry-on. The Ultimate Post-Gym Grooming Routine is simpler than it sounds, but just as rewarding. 


Face Wash
Flip Flops


This is the essential line up. A complete list for a post workout skincare routine that could be condensed into 5-10 minutes. It’s best if you shower right after your workout, but you could swap the last three items for body wipes if you can’t betray the shower at home. 

Let’s back up a bit. 

Even before a workout there are things we want to consider. Our gym bag can get a little chaotic, so it’s best to have travel friendly items. Quality doesn’t go very far if it’s all over your change of clothes, does it? Jaxon Lane’s skin care products are all travel safe and suited. They won’t take up space, or fill it with spillage. 

A change of clothes is obvious so it doesn’t have to be on the list. So is a towel. What about two towels?

A lot of gyms offer towel service so you don’t have to bring two yourself. We put it on the list in case you don’t have that luxury. The pandemic isn’t the only reason you want to wipe off the bench after you push some big weights off your shoulders. The amount of bacteria in a gym setting is unsettling, so that extra towel is even more weight off your shoulders. 

1. Showering in Success

As you keep your feet clean with your flip flops you turn the water dial to lukewarm. Two threats avoided, just like that

Our skin is very prone to drying out. Cleaning it will dry it out naturally, but overly hot water makes it so much worse causing our skin to feel irritated and itchy. Fungus can also be an itching irritation which is why we are protected against the infested change room floors with our flip flops.

Using the right shampoo and body wash is the first move. A 2-in1 option is our enemy as they may seem convenient, the 2-in1 hair and body wash just dry out both… for the price of one. 

Time is also an enemy, so using the Shake and Wake cleanser after you put the conditioner in your hair is the best bang for your buck. The cleanser will gently exfoliate the dead skin on your face and clean up the workout grime all while your hair absorbs the conditioner. 

Shake and Wake Cleanser in Shower


2. More than meets the eye 

After the shower the first move to make is applying moisturizer. Jaxon Lane’s Ultimate Anti Aging Moisturizer Relax and Repair is the perfect match for the Ultimate Grooming Routine. It easily prevents the overproduction of oil from cleansing while providing an almost invisible matte finish. 


Relax and Repair Moisturizer

No one would know you even worked out!    

If stealth was the theme, Jaxon Lane’s Rain or Shine is on the team. Keep your skincare routine under the radar while protecting yourself from the sun. The only proof Rain or Shine leaves behind is the SPF.  Even on cloudy days, relying on our stealthy allies is a necessity as the name suggests.

The sun is one of the biggest threats to skin damage and aging, so this Ultimate Post Gym Grooming Routine has you covered. Literally

Rain or Shine SPF


The sun, on top of dehydrating you, causes skin damage through UV rays. The highlight is UVB rays as they are the most harmful causing things like sun spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer to name a few. 

While you focus on looking good at the gym, these skin care products are hard at work behind the scenes. 

3. A Clean Finish

At this point we obviously feel fresh. We also want to smell fresh. Deodorant. No brainer, right? 

What may need a little more consideration is the styling aspect. It is really easy to overdo things like hair products. While we want our hair to look a certain way, we also want it to look natural. No need for the grease in our hair gel to show. 

Less is more.

Less is also healthier for our hair and skin. Even before the workout it’s a great idea to think about the amount of hair product being used. Water-based hair products can drip down your face and cause breakouts even before you get to the cleansing part. 

Now you feel and look great. You killed the workout. You completed your ultimate skincare routine. Perhaps you even feel refreshed enough to do tomorrow’s workout right now - until you realize your gym clothes and towel are dirty. 

Always wash your gym clothes and towels. Not only is it sweaty, but the bacteria that has been developing and plotting against your skin is of concern. To some, this is common sense. To others it’s seemingly okay if the gym gear is “dry enough”. Your skin will also be dry enough unless you change things up. 

It’s essential to make sure that you’re not the only one feeling refreshed - refresh your gym gear too. This is the tail end of exceptional workout grooming.