5 Ways to Repair Skin Damage

It’s Monday morning, you wake up after a great weekend outdoors, shave, and freshen up for the week. Perhaps you were on your bike, surfing, or even hiking in the backwoods. You weren’t in the sun for long, and it didn’t get above 70 degrees, but, man - you look like you just staggered out of Death Valley!

Simply being outside makes us look ten years older these days. Why didn’t this happen in our 20’s? After late nights or long afternoons on the beach, skin simply bounced back. (Answer: more collagen) At some point, laughter lines became old wrinkles that have settled in and made themselves at home on your face…

For some reason, while many guys are fanatical about dental hygiene and clothes, we generally expect skin to look after itself. But skincare isn’t like bashing out a dent in your Honda Civic’s bodywork; it’s daily care - just like brushing your teeth. But the good news is that you can often repair skin damage faster than you expect.

So, you want to start a skincare routine, get on the road to recovery and look hotter for longer? Look no further - here’s your ultimate guide!

 1. Exfoliate

Microbiome and helpful bacteria live on the surface of your skin, but there are also dead cells that build up and block skin from breathing. If your face feels as rough as a rhino’s, avoid harsh scrubbers. It will be like rubbing sandpaper on glass - you’ll damage your skin’s delicate barrier. Instead, give Jaxon Lane’s gentle and non-abrasive Shake and Wake Exfoliating Enzyme Powder Cleanser a go. Natural fruit enzymes gently slough away dead skin and clear city grime without irritation or redness.


Shake and Wake

2. Moisturize

Exfoliating and washing are essential but can make your skin drier than the Great Basin, so immediately afterwards, apply the holy grail of moisturizers - Relax and Repair - a ridiculously easy to use anti-age solution. (No wonder it picked up the GQ award for best moisturizer)!

At night, your skin gets a welcome rest from the elements, giving this powerhouse of ingredients time to absorb and do their jobs. While you’re happily snoring away, ceramides will start to give your skin an amazingly waxy baby feel. Other star players in the small hours include squalane that protects your skin’s barrier, and niacinamide that brightens up your glow and reduces lines. Take it from us; there's no better way to sleep.


3. The one thing you MUST do

If you’re a dad, you’d never let your kids out without sunscreen, so why don’t we treat ourselves with the same care? This is the big question.  For some reason, we often play the all-action self-sacrificing hero and are the last to apply skincare. Spoiler alert: testosterone is not a sunblock!

Did you know that men age 49 and under have a higher probability of developing melanoma than any other cancer? Sure it’s nice to have a tan, but UV rays are the main cause of skin cancer and skin damage in all seasons, including winter. That’s why dermatologists say again and again: you MUST wear sunscreen. Every single day. Without fail. 

The best thing you can do to avoid skin cancer and repair sun damage is to use Jaxon Lane’s hassle-free Rain Or Shine - a daily moisturizer that is also an SPF 50 sunscreen. The dream team of ingredients improve clear, oily, and combination skin with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, green tea, licorice root, and ginseng, while UVA & UVB protection prevents wrinkles and other signs of aging. Super lightweight and effective, this 2-in-1 moisturizer is nothing like those heavy creams that leave you looking like a circus clown!


Rain or Shine SPF


Remember to also stock up on some SPF lip balm to avoid cracking lips and sunburn. (We’ve all done it)! Nobody wants to kiss red raw lips. So no more excuses. Make sunscreen your new buddy!

4. Slow down to fast-track skin repair

Want the best results? As well as taking a few minutes each day for your skin, a few tiny lifestyle changes will make a massive difference in less than a month. We’re not kidding!

Let’s kick off with the big one. Smoking is a big “NO” for skin. You starve your skin of oxygen, and the smoke causes wrinkles around your eyes….and that’s without talking about cancer. There are no two ways about it. Cut out those little white sticks if you want a healthy glow.

Sleep is another biggie. For quality sleep, cut out stimulants like coffee in the evening. Water is heaps better at keeping you alert during the day and calm at night. Drinking more water just makes sense!

Your body drains cells of water to get rid of alcohol, so best to cut down so your skin doesn’t suffer. Instead of kicking back with a beer or two, bend into some yoga poses or meditate to relax and reduce stress (and wrinkles).

What is your diet like….balanced? Honestly? Well, make sure you include superfoods like avocados, nuts, salmon, leafy greens, that are chock full with skin-boosting antioxidants.

5. Trust the professionals

Last but not least, treat yourself to a facial! The girls have been pampering themselves for years - and for good reason. Your skin will feel out-of-this-world, and you might pick up more tips to make you feel even better!

With your busy schedule, visiting the dermatologist may well be low down on your list of things you want to do but go on… give them a visit! Not just for problems that aren’t responding to a skincare routine, but as an annual checkup. Dermatologists identify skin problems that you may think are harmless but, when caught early, can often be dealt with. For example, hyper-pigmentation (dark spots) is easily treated with lasers. 

However, never take risks with your sexy new skin: always see a licensed aesthetician rather than an (often unlicensed) facialist or esthetician before going ahead with that kind of treatment. Feel safe and look even better!