How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes: The Ultimate Guide for Men

Do you have bags under your eyes? Are you starting to notice that you look a bit older than you feel? Don't worry – you're not alone. Many men in their 30’s and 40’s start to see signs of aging around their eyes, including under eye bags. While there are some medical conditions that can cause under eye bags, most of the time they are simply a result of age and lifestyle choices. In this guide, we’ll discuss what causes unwanted under eye bags and how to get rid of them!

So, now that you've started noticing eye bags, what can you do?

The first course of anti eye bag treatment is usually to begin including preventative measures into your daily skincare routine. There are quite a few ways you can do this, and most of these are general good practice for healthier, younger looking skin - even if eyebags haven’t come knocking yet!

Daily sunscreen

Applying sunscreen every day is a must for preventing under eye bags, and it is the number one way to stop wrinkles and other signs of aging. Many women’s foundations already include some SPF, but most men are not wearing sunscreen every day, and don’t have protection from other products. 

When choosing a sunscreen, make sure you choose minimum SPF 30, and apply it generously to the area around your eyes. Remember to reapply every two hours or more if you are sweating or swimming. 

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Drink plenty of water 

You've probably heard it a million times or more, but drinking plenty of water is essential for healthy skin. There are no two ways about this! So commit to drinking at least eight glasses of water per day to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is important for overall health, but it is also crucial for preventing under eye bags. When you don't get enough sleep, your body produces more of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone can break down collagen and elastin, which are two proteins that keep your skin looking young and healthy. So whether you think you need it or not - get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night!

Make lifestyle changes

Making changes to your everyday life can seem like a massive commitment, but when it comes to eyebags, seriously every little helps.

Firstly, your diet impacts skin health, so eating plenty of nutrient-rich foods and cutting down on processed foods makes a big difference. Eating food which is rich in iron and collagen promotes healthier skin, as well as cutting down on salt and alcohol and smoking (sorry!)

Exercise is key for several reasons: it helps to circulate blood around your body, including the under-eye area, delivering vital nutrients. Exercise also makes you sweat, which cleanses your pores; and a good cardio session also releases endorphins, which have a positive impact on your mood and wellbeing.

Finally, really try to manage stress levels, because cortisol (the stress hormone) can cause under-eye bags. Taking some time out for yourself each day – even if it’s just reading a book or soaking in the tub – can make all the difference.

Use an eye cream

When choosing an eye cream, look for these ingredients that have been shown to have an effect on eye bags, dark circles, and crow’s feet. 

  • Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that can stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of under eye bags. However, these can be irritating, especially around the sensitive eye area, and you will want a low concentration formula. 
  • Caffeine - helps constrict the blood vessels and depuff eyes bags
  • Bakuchiol, also known as “nature’s retinol”, comes from the leaves and seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant. Early studies have shown that bakuchiol has similar benefits as retinol, with less irritation, and is a sun-safe way to work on eye bags and fine lines during the day.
  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3) - anti-inflammatory antioxidant that brightens dark circles 
  • Hyaluronic acid - acts as a moisturizer and humectant
  • Peptides - often found in more expensive eye creams, and are touted to may increase collagen production
  • AHAs (including glycolic, lactic, and citric acids) - chemically exfoliates and removes dead skin cells to reveal healthier skin under eyes

Cold compress

Applying a cold compress to the under-eye area can constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation. 

Forget ice cubes and cucumber slides, get 2 birds with one stone (cold compress and skincare) with Bro Mask Eye Gels. Stick them in the fridge for 15 minutes, apply to under eye bags, and watch the magic happen! 


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See a Dermatologist

If medication and therapies you’re trying at home aren’t working as well as you’d like, and you’ve exhausted the last of your patience, we recommend seeing a dermatologist for a consultation and professional opinion. It’s important to seek professional help for stubborn under eye bags, because different treatments have different risks and impacts depending on the person, depending on factors like skin tone.  

They will be able to assess your under-eye bags in detail and suggest the best possible treatments for you, which may include:

Non Invasive Eye Bag Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy

This eye bag treatment uses high-output lamps that cast light into a coupling gel on the skin, to improve the skin’s color and tone. This treatment is not recommended for people with darker skin tones, due to the risk that it permanently changes the color of skin.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

During radio frequency skin tightening procedures for eye bags, heat is used to promote the production of new collagen and elastin. This tightens skin and helps eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

Minimally Invasive Eye Bag Treatments

Dermal Fillers

Also called injectables, fillers are a common cosmetic treatment for dark circles and under eye bags. Injectable serums and fillers add volume to saggy areas under the eye, thereby removing fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing out extra skin.

Botox for Eye Bags

Fillers and Botox have different uses for treating under eye bags. Under-eye fillers add volume to the hollow spots in the under-eye area, and decrease the appearance of dark circles caused by volume loss. Botox prevents the under eye muscles from moving and creating wrinkles, but won’t have an impact on dark circles.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels remove dead skin cells and expose the fresh, new skin underneath. When skin is damaged in some way, chemical peels can sometimes stimulate new healthy skin growth.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Ablative laser resurfacing works by removing layers of skin to resolve hyperpigmentation and fine lines. The surface level tissue damage caused by the laser causes skin to create fresh tissue to repair the damaged areas. There are a wide variety of lasers available, with different recommendations for each specific issue and person (e.g. some lasers are better for fair vs. darker skin tones). Look for a Dermatologist specialized in laser treatments for under eye bags. 

Surgical Eye Bag Treatments

If you have serious under eye bags due to severe volume loss, and none of the above treatments have worked, you may be considering under-eye bags surgery. Do your research. Make sure to consult with a specialized, board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get the most accurate information, and don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions about their experience and credentials.

Hopefully this guide has given you some useful information about under eye bags and more importantly, how to get rid of them. While there is no magic cure, there are plenty of treatments that can help to reduce their appearance. So don’t despair – with a bit of patience and perseverance, you can look and feel heaps better!