How to Choose the Best Moisturizer for your Face

Everyone hates getting older, but nothing sucks more than looking older than you are. 

Is dry, wrinkly skin aging you faster than your years? Many of you may already be using some sort of moisturizer. But the question is are you using the right one? 

Whether you’re looking to start the fight against prematurely aging skin or enhance your routine, we’ve got the answers to your questions: What's the best moisturizer for your face? How often should you use it, how much should you pay? Do any of these things actually work or is it all just one big marketing scam?

Anti aging

The older we get, the less collagen we produce and the less our skin repairs itself properly. Enter expression lines and wrinkles that just don’t disappear.
When fighting the signs of aging, moisturizer can instantly plump the skin and karate kick wrinkles and fine lines into the distance. Slapping on some moisturizer before you go to bed at night makes a massive difference in repairing damage and reducing lines.

The secret weapon for youthful looking skin is retinol, which comes from Vitamin A. Make sure your retinol based product is only used at night time, though, because retinoids increase photosensitivity so don’t use them during the day unless you want to look like a raw tomato!

Other good antioxidants and plant extracts for fighting the good fight against wrinkles include Vitamin C (which protects skin from the sun and reduces lines and wrinkles) and Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide. This helps to reduce inflammation and boost those collagen production levels back up to what they used to be. Also good are ginger, green tea, licorice and ginseng, which naturally possess anti-inflammatory properties. 

Choosing the right product for YOU

The first step when finding the best moisturizer for YOU is getting a handle on what your skin needs to be looking its best, and which products work best for your skin type.
Well, there is no official guide to “finding your skin type”, but it's not as hard as it sounds. 
Honestly, the best way to get an idea of what sort of skin type you have can be done over your basin in about 5 minutes. Ready?
Wash your face, just with water, (as you normally would). Once you’re nicely wet and clean, pat your face down with a towel until dry, careful not to scrub off every ounce of moisture (Be gentle, guys!)
Touch your skin. How does it feel? There’s no right or wrong here, but usually you’ll be able to instantly get an idea of what sort of skin type you’ve got going on - does it feel dry, flaky? Is it tight and sensitive to touch? Perhaps it's not dry and actually quite oily. Don’t panic! Most people feel a combination of a few of these,  Everyone is different. That's why we’re all so damned gorgeous! That being said, the right moisturizer for you is out there man, you just have to track it down

Best moisturizer: dry skin 

If your skin is dry, flaky or coarse, check out moisturizers best suited for dry skin. Even if your skin isn’t dry right now, a lot of people tend to be plagued with drier skin in winter months, so tweak your skincare regime to the seasons - you know best!

When looking for the best moisturizer for dry skin, look for skin barrier protecting ingredients like ceramides and squalane. 

Best moisturizer: oily skin

The best moisturizers for oily skin are lightweight, usually oil-free and largely water-based. The ultimate products are fragrance-free and oil free because they hydrate the skin whilst also preventing additional breakout by limiting the build up on your skin.
Like for the dry skin options, pick moisturizers, antioxidants and ceramides (naturally occurring fatty acids that lock in moisture to hydrate skin). 

Best moisturizer: sensitive skin

Skincare for sensitive skin can be an absolute pain in the backside, but steering clear of potential irritants can help you give your skin with the care it deserves.
Similarly to the best moisturizers for oily skin, look for products which are ‘fragrance-free’. 
Another good indication that the moisturizer is suitable for sensitive skin is dermatological endorsement - let the experts do the hard work for you!

Best moisturizer: SPF

With summer days getting longer and lazier, we’re all eager to hit the beaches and soak in some rays. But, while you’re chilling and perfecting that tan, UV rays from the sun are just destroying your skin.
And it’s not just the sun on the beach… one moment you’re grilling up a storm in the garden but the sausages aren’t the only thing sizzling. UVa and UVb rays age skin, making you wrinkly, burned and giving you nasty age spots.
The big question - what will you grab for the best sun protection and that perfect all-over tan?
SPF moisturizers (moisturizers which include sun protection factor) provide a basic level of protection from UV rays and damage from the sun, keeping you hydrated, refreshed and ready to make this a summer you’ll never forget.
Take this in, SPF moisturizers should only be used in the mornings - makes sense if you think about it! If you want to apply an evening moisturizer, focus on one which repairs damage as you grunt and snore sway. 
Also, it's important to point out that to get the maximum protection against skin related conditions such as skin cancer caused by exposure to the sun, experts recommend dedicated sunscreen. If you want to read more about this, why not check out our blog about it.

The all-round best moisturizer: Combination skin and everyday

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Jaxon Lane Relax and Repair

Yes- all skin types! Dermatologist recommended, Relax and Repair can be used on sensitive skin types without any issues as it is clean and fragrance free. 

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