How To Build the Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

In our teens and 20s, we don’t worry too much about skincare aside from clearing up acne. And then one day, you hit your 30s and you wake up, and start seeing dull skin with fine lines and sun spots *gasp*. Where did it come from? What could you have done to prevent this? And what do you do now?

So you want to start an anti-aging skincare routine, or perhaps enhance the one you already have, but you have some questions: Which products should you use? How often should you use them, and in what order? How much should you pay for anti-aging skincare? Do any of them actually work? How long does it take to see results?

What is a skincare routine, and why do you need one?

Far too many guys have ineffective or non-existent skincare routines, even though many guys try to eat healthy and workout. Having healthy skin is actually one of the simplest ways to look good, and is a critical part of your health, along with eating well and exercise. A regular skincare routine, regardless of skin type, can help you look your best (better than you thought was possible!), prevent skin cancer, and address issues like wrinkles, dull skin, and hyperpigmentation.

A daily skincare routine includes some basic steps that you do once in the morning and once before going to bed. It only takes a few minutes each day, and before you know it, you'll be saying “wow” when you look in the mirror! At a very minimum, you need to wash your face with a cleanser made for your face (not bar soap or body wash), apply a moisturizer after washing your face, and use SPF every single day.

Once you have that down, you can add toners, serums, eye products, and sheet masks to treat your specific skin concerns, and even for specific occasions. In the universe of skincare, the world is your oyster!

What’s special about an anti-aging skincare routine?

As you get older, your skin starts to lose collagen. Coupled with damaging UV rays and environmental pollutants, your skin becomes more prone to wrinkles, sagging, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), and even skin cancer. 

Having an anti-aging skincare routine is essential for preventing future skin damage, and minimizing the existing signs of aging. Short of surgery, injections, and laser treatments (all expensive and require recovery periods), you can’t undo severe signs of aging, but you can stop further damage with anti-aging skincare. 

"Our 30-year-old skin isn’t as forgiving as it used to be, making it crucial to never skip a nighttime cleansing. It’s at night that our skin repairs itself and reverses the day’s damage," says celebrity aesthetician and dermatological nurse Natalie Aguilar.

After cleansing, always nourish skin with a good moisturizer. As we age, our skin produces less oil and we need richer products to protect skin’s barrier. 

Finally, the number one way to prevent skin cancer, and the signs of aging, is to wear a daily sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the better. In fact, daily use of an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen reduces the risk of developing melanoma by 50%*.

The single most important thing you can do to prevent aging.

Wear sunscreen every day. Not just when you’re at the beach. Not even only when it’s sunny out. Also wear protective clothes, stay in the shade, and stay out of the sun when it’s at its strongest.

That’s right, sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days. 

In the past, it was thought that only UVB rays cause skin damage. UVB rays, the primary sunburn ray, are largely blocked by glass. 

However, for many years now, we’ve known that UVA rays can penetrate through clouds, rain and fog, and even glass (for those of you who like to work near a window). UVA rays are the main cause of premature skin aging, and also contribute to the development of skin cancer.

“But I hate wearing sunscreen! It’s so greasy and makes me look like a ghost.” You’re not alone. According to WebMD, “only about 18% of men regularly use sunscreen on their face or other exposed skin when they go outside on a warm, sunny day for more than an hour”. 

Luckily, sunscreen formulations have improved drastically over time, so a high quality, high protection sunscreen doesn’t have to be greasy and white. We created Rain Or Shine, a daily moisturizing, SPF50 sunscreen, to solve for these exact complaints.  

Rain Or Shine is super lightweight, goes on without grease, doesn’t leave white marks, and doesn't smell like sunscreen. It’s so good it’s won not one, but two awards. For guys that like skincare products that do double duty, this sunscreen also acts as a light moisturizer. 

Jaxon Lane | Best Skincare For Men | Rain Or Shine Sunscreen


How do I reverse skin damage?

When it comes to anti-aging skincare, the holy grail is retinol. Retinol is a powerful ingredient that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, shrink pores, and smooth out acne scars.

Retinols are derived from Vitamin A, and come in a wide range of both over the counter (OTC) and prescription flavors. 

Retinols (OTC) are not the same as prescription retinoids, which are stronger, but they’re still the strongest anti-aging product available over the counter. Retinol helps turn over skin cells, and promotes collagen production in skin. 

Retinol does come with side effects (there’s no free lunch, after all), which includes dry and irritated skin, itchiness, and peeling skin. It also increases skin’s sensitivity to the sun, which means daily SPF is even more important. 

How To Build the Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Routine


How much does great anti-aging skincare cost?

There's a wide range of pricing in skincare, from drug store staples under $10 to the most expensive serum in the world, at $1800 for 1 oz (*brain explodes*). You heard it, $1800 for ONE OUNCE. It's called JK7® Rejuvenating Serum-Lotion, in case you're curious.

Luckily, you can get great quality products at almost any price range. At a drug store level, you're sacrificing user experience, for example, if you care about how the packaging looks, and how the application of the product makes you feel. You're also sacrificing the extra process put into using the best quality source ingredients, and generating a great, well rounded formula. For example, you can find a sunscreen with high SPF at the drug store, but you can't find a sunscreen that's high SPF, has extra ingredients to treat and nourish skin, and is very lightweight with no white cast. 

At the high end ($80+), you're paying for premium packaging and the company's marketing. See commercials, billboards, lavish in store displays, and major influencer promos? That's all factored into the price of the product.

Our suggestion? Learn to read labels, follow the experts (and no, these are generally not people who post videos that start with "a lot of you have asked about my skincare routine"), and dig deep into skincare. Try lots of things to find what works for you. 

The best steps for the ultimate anti-aging skincare routine.

You can't stop time, but you can make your skin look younger and healthier with a good anti-aging skincare routine. We've compiled a list of the essential skincare steps to help you build the ultimate anti-aging skincare routine. You can either stick to a basic skincare routine (i.e., cleanser, moisturizer, SPF) or add steps for maximum benefits (i.e., toner, serum, eye cream), and for even more potent results, sheet masks. With this anti-aging skincare routine, your skin will look its best at every stage of your life.

  1. Cleanser:

Cleansing is essential for eliminating whatever skincare products you've applied throughout the day, as well as natural skin oils, impurities, and germs that have collected throughout the day. Avoid using soap bars because the chemicals in soap bars are too harsh, and overstrip the skin of its natural oils. 

Look for gentle, pH-balanced cleansers that remove traces of sunscreen and makeup (we’re all for concealers and foundations to cover up imperfections!), but don’t feel “squeaky clean”, which is a sign that the cleanser is overstripping. 

Forgot high school chemistry? We did too. pH is a scale that measures acidity and alkalinity, 0 being the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline. 7 (pH of water) is neutral, while your skin's natural pH is about 5, which is slightly acidic. Soaps tend to be alkaline, which overstrips skin and it takes skin time to snap back, so look for a gentle cleanser meant for the face. 

Shake And Wake, our powder enzyme cleanser, turns into a silky foam when you add water. It provides the perfect gentle exfoliating cleanse without harsh scrubbers or any roughness. Plant based fibers to gently remove dead skin cells, pineapple and papaya enzymes polish with no harshness, and vitamins B3, B5, and C restore skin. Enzymes are derived from fruits like pineapple and papaya, and work like chemical exfoliants to break down dead cell structures, but they’re gentle enough for every day use.

Jaxon Lane Shake And Wake Enzyme Powder Face Wash


  1. Exfoliator:

Because dead skin cells are not replaced as rapidly as young ones, your skin begins to seem dull and uneven. If you don't properly cleanse and exfoliate skin regularly, dead skin cells can clog hair follicles and trap facial hair under the skin. This is the cause of ingrown hair. Shaving over ingrown hairs and rough skin causes micro-cuts and and razor burn. 

Exfoliants are an excellent way to remove dead skin cells from your skin. Exfoliants are classified into three types: physical, chemical, and enzymatic.

While a physical scrub might seem like the logical thing to do for rough skin, it can actually damage skin. If you love a good scrub, save it for your body, which has less delicate skin than your face. 

Chemical exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) exfoliate the skin by promoting cell turnover. Chemical exfoliation must be used in moderation, because too much or too often can be irritating to skin. If you have sensitive skin, be very careful with chemical exfoliants, and don’t forget to test patch!

The best option is an enzymatic exfoliation. This method is milder and best for sensitive skin types, especially before shaving. Enzymes are derived from fruits like pineapple and papaya, and work like chemical exfoliants to break down dead cell structures. Shake And Wake, our powder enzyme cleanser, is a 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliant. It’s gentle enough for daily use, but effective enough to give you clear, healthy, smooth skin.  

  1. Toner:

Toners are thin liquids that provide an additional boost of vital nutrients for your skin, which not only regulates your skin but also allows your skin to absorb other skincare products more effectively. 

Back in the 90s, toners were alcohol-based and stung, because they were intended to dry out oily skin. We now know that alcohol in skincare (unless they’re fatty alcohols) are bad for skin,  because they damage skin’s delicate barrier and overdry skin.

Today's formulations, on the other hand, are more soothing and nourishing, and can add an extra level of skin-improving ingredients to your routine. Look for antioxidants, peptides, hydrators, and exfoliants in your anti-aging toner.

Toners are formulated to:

  • Provide lightweight hydration
  • Provide gentle exfoliation, to reduce pore size and treat acne
  • Balance your skin's natural pH

The best way to apply toner is with your hands. Using clean hands, pour a splash of toner and pat toner onto your skin until the toner is absorbed. Most formulations may be used morning and night, while those containing exfoliating acids should be used only at night or every other day. 

How To Build the Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Routine


  1. Serum:

Serums are thicker liquids that contain concentrated amounts of active ingredients. Look for anti-aging antioxidants, peptides, hydrators, and exfoliants in your anti-aging serum.

What’s the difference between toner and serum? Toners and serums are often used interchangeably, because they have some overlap in function, but should be used for different purposes. Toners prep your skin to better absorb the skincare steps that follow it (like serum and moisturizer). Serums are higher concentration treatments that target specific skin concerns, and should be massaged gently into the skin for ingredient absorption. Because they’re high concentration, you don’t need to use as much serum as other products. 

Anti-aging regimens encourage skin renewal and collagen production, so look for serums containing retinol or bakuchiol, or both. Hydrating serums that contain hyaluronic acid are also great for anti-aging, because hyaluronic acid physically binds water in the skin to make it look plump, full, and younger. Skin-brightening serums are also great for fighting hyperpigmentation - look for serums that contain niacinamide and vitamin C.

How To Build the Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Routine | Serum


  1. Eye Treatment:

The eyes are the first to show the signs of aging due to the amount of wear and tear from squinting and smiling, and from being thinner than other areas of skin. The sensitive and thin skin around your eyes is more prone to irritation, so eye creams generally contain more oils and hydrators, and lower concentrations of active ingredients. 

What are great anti-aging ingredients for eye creams? Eye creams with vitamin C, peptides, and retinol can boost collagen production. Ceramide and hyaluronic acid help prevent water loss in the skin and improve elasticity around the eyes. 

Dark circles under the eyes are often genetic, but can also be caused by sun damage, age, and blood build-up. Vitamin C and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) can lighten dark circles.

Puffiness is a buildup of fluid under the eyes, and some studies have shown that caffeine can help increase circulation, which can reduce puffiness. Cold temperatures are also effective to treat puffiness.

We make our Bro Mask Eye Gels with the most effective but gentlest anti-aging ingredients, for a well-rounded solution to anti-aging eye problems. Bro Mask Eye Gels are made of the same hydrogel as the original Bro Mask, but specifically targets puffy eyes, fine lines and dark circles. They’re packed with niacinamide, bakuchiol, caffeine, collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptides, green tea, licorice, and ginger. Bakuchiol, nature’s gentler retinol alternative, smooths fine lines, while caffeine depuffs and brightens eyes. Pro tip: pop them in the fridge for 10 minutes before use, for max depuffing. 


  1. Moisturizer:

As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin, and gets thinner, which means it doesn’t repair itself as well. This causes our facial expression lines and wrinkles to stick around. Moisturizing alone can improve the appearance of skin, because it temporarily plumps the skin, making fine lines less visible. Wrinkle creams tailored for skin’s natural aging process are even better, because they contain anti-aging ingredients that help skin better repair and renew itself. 

At night, if you don’t use a separate retinoid serum, look for a moisturizer with retinol in it. These vitamin A derived compounds help repair sun-damaged skin and reduce fine lines. Retinoids increase photosensitivity and should not be used during the day. 

For both day and night use, look for moisturizers with anti-aging antioxidants and plant extracts. Vitamin C helps protect skin from sun damage and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) helps reduce inflammation, and increase collagen production. Plant extracts like green tea, licorice, ginger, and ginseng are all anti-inflammatory and soothe skin.

For dry skin and all skin types in winter months, look for skin barrier protecting ingredients like ceramides and squalane. 

Relax And Repair, our ultimate anti-aging moisturizer, is formulated with the most effective and gentle ingredients across anti-aging concerns. We’ve made it super protective but not greasy, so you can wear it day and night and look great. 

Relax And Repair Ultimate Anti-Aging Moisturizer



  1. Sunscreen:

If you don’t use sunscreen every day, there’s no amount of skincare in the world that will prevent the signs of aging. The sun is responsible for so many obvious indications of aging in your skin that it has its own specific category in dermatology: photoaging. UV radiation from the sun can induce aging by breaking down collagen and creating elastin irregularities, resulting in thinner skin, wrinkles, and the development of uneven pigmented patches. 

In just three months, regular use of a broad-spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen can reduce age spots, enhance skin texture, and flatten wrinkles by 20%. Apply sunscreen every morning, and reapply it after every two hours if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun. 

We made Rain Or Shine, our daily moisturizing sunscreen with SPF50 protection, and added anti-aging antioxidants and plant extracts to treat skin while you protect it. It’s so incredibly lightweight and doesn’t leave a white cast on any skin tone. In fact, it’s so good it’s won multiple awards from Esquire and Askmen.

With sunscreen, the key to success is using enough sunscreen. In general, 2-3 finger lengths of sunscreen is the right amount. This may seem like a lot, but you need full coverage for full anti-aging protection. 

Jaxon Lane | Best Skincare For Men | Rain Or Shine Sunscreen


  1. Sheet Mask:

Sheet masks are single-use, face-shaped sheets soaked in nutrient-packed serums. Sheet masks can be made of various materials including paper, cotton, or gels. Sheet masks are individually packaged, and you don’t need to wash off the serum after, making them effective and easy to use.  

Sheet masks are effective because as they adhere to your skin, the ingredients infused in the masks are transferred and better able to penetrate skin, instead of evaporating like moisturizers. Often just one 20-minute mask application will leave your skin feeling softer, smoother, and glowing, and can give you the results of a spa treatment at home.

Think of sheet masks as the cram session, while every day skincare is like doing homework. You need both.   

Unlike cotton or paper sheet masks, which are cheap to make and don’t stick well to skin, our Bro Mask is made with hydrogel. Hydrogel is commonly used in medical applications, such as wound healing, because it adheres so well to skin. This allows the mask to hold more liquid and stay moist longer, resulting in better hydration and absorption of active ingredients.

The Bro Mask is formulated with a proprietary combination of active ingredients scientifically proven to address problems common to men. The list includes antioxidants for redness and acne, collagen and peptides for wrinkling, and plant extracts to soothe and nourish skin. Since male skin is thicker and more susceptible to sun damage, we used higher concentrations of these active ingredients than is seen in typical face masks.

Use once a week, or as needed, for glowing, hydrated, healthy skin. 

How To Build the Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Routine | Bro Mask


The minimalist’s anti-aging skincare routine, step by step:

Want just the basics of a good anti-aging skincare routine? Follow these 3 steps.

  1. Cleanse your face using a facial cleanser, then pat dry gently with a clean towel.
  2. Follow up with a moisturizer.
  3. Every morning, finish your routine with a generous layer of SPF50 sunscreen.

How To Build the Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

The every man's anti-aging skincare routine, step by step:

  1. Cleanse your face using a facial cleanser, then pat dry gently with a clean towel.
  2. Apply toner with your hands using patting motions until the product is absorbed.
  3. Apply a few drops of serum, then massage it into the skin until the product is completely absorbed.
  4. Follow up with a moisturizer.
  5. Every morning, finish your routine with a generous layer of SPF50 sunscreen.

How To Build the Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

The ultimate anti-aging skincare routine, step by step:

Want the whole shabang? Go the extra step and take skin protection to skin perfection. 

  1. Cleanse your face using a facial cleanser, then pat dry gently with a clean towel.
  2. As needed, and always before shaving, use a gentle exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cell buildup. 
  3. Apply toner with your hands using patting motions until the product is absorbed.
  4. Apply a few drops of serum, then massage it into the skin until the product is completely absorbed.
  5. Apply eye cream or eye gels treatment. 
  6. Follow up with a moisturizer.
  7. Every morning, finish your routine with a generous layer of SPF50 sunscreen.
  8. Once a week, or as needed, apply a sheet mask. 

How To Build the Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

*Green AC, Williams GM, Logan V, Strutton GM. Reduced melanoma after regular sunscreen use: randomized trial follow-up. J Clin Oncol 2011; 29(3):257-263.