5 Reasons Dermatologists Recommend Using SPF Every Day

It’s that time of the year again! Are you ready for another scorching summer hitting the beach and catching some rays? (It’s a hard life!)  

And the big question. What will you grab for the best sun protection and that perfect all-over tan?

We get it. Picking the right sunscreen can seem like a mighty chore (especially when all you want to do is leave the stress behind and chill in the sun). But… and this is a big, massive slap-in-the-face, BUT…. is skipping this potentially sticky, sweaty step really worth it

1. Be sun safe 

When deciding whether or not you can be bothered to use sunscreen this summer, check out some hard facts first.

The science. The sun gives out ultraviolet radiation (of which UVA and UVB reach the earth). Years of scientific research has proved that both types of UV radiation cause skin cancer - melanoma and non-melanoma. Both can be fatal. 

Fact. The sun. doesn’t. discriminate. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) confirms anyone can get skin cancer; whatever age, gender or race you are, it can get you. The brutal reality is that roughly 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin cancer at some point in their lifetime. 

That sure is a lot.   

But there is some good news. 

Science also shows that sunscreen is ultra-successful at not only stopping these UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin it can keep you looking fresh and slash that skin cancer risk. 

So the next time you’re wondering whether to take 2 minutes to slap on sunscreen before starting the barbecue or catching some waves - just do it!

2. Look and feel great

Now we’ve got the science bit out of the way, you know the answer is simple - YES, sunscreen MUST be a priority when going outside.

OK we’ve covered the health part, but there is another massively important reason to wear sunscreen.  Hey, who doesn’t want to look and feel their best?

Sadly UVA and UVB rays age your skin, making you wrinkly, burned and giving you nasty age spots.  

But the right sunscreen can help keep wrinkles and premature aging at arm’s length - especially as the days get longer and the sun gets hotter (when your skin is most vulnerable).

Did you know that dermatologists recommend sunscreen moisturizer for dry skin in winter months too?  This little self-care hack helps restore the humidity and balance of skin before the hotter months kick in and try to destroy your face! 

In cold months, the barriers in your skin are weakened by hot showers and cold gusts of wind whipping around.your mug. Whack on a bit of sunscreen to help your skin acclimatize to the different seasons (and jump the queue to look hot for summer!)

3. Picking the right sunscreen

How many types of sunscreen are there? Honestly…the pickings are vast when it comes to brands and factors!

Relax! We’ll help you navigate your way through the sunscreen maze. 

Let's start by cracking the lingo. Got the bottle in front of you and trying to decipher the label? The abbreviations are actually pretty simple. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, This means the level of protection against the sun and is usually followed by a number - for instance SPF30 or SPF50. The higher the number, the higher the level of protection. Not difficult, really!

Have you spotted the words white-cast, or “no white cast”? White cast is that unattractive white layer some sunscreens leave behind an on your skin. A smeary chalky face doesn’t look cool on anyone, so always pick “no white cast” sunscreens. Keep an eye out for tinted sunscreens too. They’re designed to match different skin tones and prevent the dreaded white cast monster look.

You don’t want sensitive or acne prone skin to be irritated by the formula, so keep a sharp eye out for “oil free sunscreen”. Check if the sunscreen is for daily use - some build up an excess of oils on your skin and clog pores if used every day. You don’t want your acne to break out in celebration from sitting in the perfect oily environment. Oil-free products also absorb faster so you feel instantly fresh and ready to win that round of golf.

 4. What the dermatologists say

Even for committed sun worshippers, it can be tough to sort through all the sunscreen choices out there. So we consulted some experts to guide you. Dermatologist Dr Hadley King kicked off by confirming, “Much of the sun damage that accumulates in our skin is the result of daily incidental sun exposure.”

Dr King then explained that recent Australian studies “tracked the skin of people who used sunscreen everyday regardless of the weather” in comparison to “the skin of people who only used sunscreen on days that were particularly sunny” showed that “the skin of the people who used sunscreen everyday aged significantly better.” 

(Annals of Internal Medicine. Sunscreen and Prevention of Skin Aging: A Randomized Trial. 4 June 2013. Hughes, MCB et al.)

Dr King recommends a sunscreen that “reduces your overall UV exposure and lowers your risk of skin cancer and sun damage……Look for a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher and broad spectrum, like Rain or Shine.  And a moisturizing formulation like Rain or Shine makes it easy to incorporate it into your everyday routine.”

5. And the solution!

There you go! Our oil-free, hassle-free Rain or Shine is recommended by top dermatologists! 

Jaxon Lane Rain or Shine

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If that’s not enough, all our manufacturing is 100% cruelty and fragrance free. (A fact we’re really proud of). We care for you sensitive souls so we use vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, green tea, licorice root and ginseng, to make sure that Rain or Shine is perfect for all men - even with the most sensitive of skin!

Now you have all the info, what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for less than the best. Order your Rain or Shine in time for summer - have fun in the sun (safely), and feel great!