10 Instant Ways to Get Better Skin

You’re checking out swimwear at the store when a voice behind you grimly declares that May is 'Skin Cancer Awareness Month.' (Really? Now?! Man, can’t they just bump it to November?...) Not being 100% sure whether last year’s SPF 15 is still in date - you grab some industrial-strength lotion from the nearest shelf….

Sound familiar? Come on, guys - this isn’t just about cancer prevention, it’s about caring for your nearest and dearest organ - your skin! 

Good news alert! You can actually reverse skin damage and start to glow with a speedy skin routine and zero health risk.

Need a few ideas? No worries! We’re ready to spill some secrets on how to add years to your skin’s best-before date, look hotter than ever and scary stat alert; avoid becoming one of the 5 million Americans to get a skin cancer diagnosis this year (or next.)

So here are 10 super fast ways to rewind damage and get the skin of your dreams

1. Moisturize (or A/C will hang you out to dry)

Your skin doesn’t sweat with A/C, does it? Skin doesn’t behave naturally because AC drains humidity from you just as it does from air.  Dry, itchy skin and deepening wrinkles are all classic A/C skin damage. Warning: if you’re addicted to arctic explorer mode, you’ll end up like a haggard Alaskan veteran if you don’t use moisturizer. Simple as that. 

So to avoid drying up like an old Californian prune, slap on some Jaxon Lane’s Rain Or Shine award-winning two-in-one moisturizer. Its a non-greasy, SPF50+ product to ward off UVA/B rays and keep skin kissably soft. It features hyaluronic acid, green tea, liquorice root, ginseng, and Vitamin E, (so you won’t mind wearing it all day long). Simply apply to the neck and face for 90 seconds every morning to collect your instant reward - a smoother, brighter and wrinkle-shrinking look.


Jaxon Lane Rain or Shine


2. Water, aqua, and even more eau

Seven glasses of water a day works for J.Lo. Now we can’t promise you’ll be as hot as her, but....   water will certainly plump up your cells and give your skin heaps more elasticity.  Under-eye skin becomes horribly dark if you lose elasticity and aren’t fully hydrated. Start your morning right by downing a few glasses as soon as you open those bleary eyes; or, you’ll be playing catch up all day long listening to the glug-glug of the water dispenser.

3. Exercise ‘til you’re red in the face

Activity boosts oxygen circulation, so more moisture arrives in the skin, getting rid of crinkly wrinkles. Did you know that people pay for Hyperbaric (pure) oxygen skin therapy rejuvenation? Seriously, it’s far cheaper (and more fun) to go hard in the gym or grab a quick game of whatever sport tickles your fancy. It works!

4. Ditch the caffeine 

Caffeine is a real skin enemy. It may beat back headaches, but this nasty little habit is sewing in your sagging under-eye hammocks. Take it from Jill Wright who says that as a diuretic, caffeine dehydrates the body, builds up toxins, inflammation and destroys collagen.

Instead of evil coffee, zing up some water with fresh lemon or orange or dabble in herbal teas like ginger (prevents elastin breakdown), lemon, green tea or lemongrass. These skin nurses sooth that tired feeling way better than a double-espresso (and your mood doesn’t sink like a lead balloon after a couple of hours).

5. Chill out

The more you stress, the sooner you age. Cue: meditation. Those tension lines ease right off when you take just fifteen minutes away from the laptop and meditate two or three times a day. But if meditation is not for you, we get that. Instead, give Jaxon Lanes’ best-selling Bro-Mask a go as an alternative pre-Zoom call moment of reflection.   

Jaxon Lane Bro Mask

For the ultimate results, cleanse beforehand using JL’s Shake And Wake so Bro Mask’s miracle ingredients can soak in more. It's like we planned it. (We did)! Then apply the face-shaped sheet that follows your facial contours (thanks to medical hydro-gels), and chill for 20 minutes.

Jaxon Lane Shake and Wake

Chock-full of collagen and peptide serums, Bro Mask de-puffs, brightens and (after only one use) gives your mug an instant healthy glow. Perfect for skincare skeptics!

 6. Tan in a blender

Man, you got some rays! Friends won’t be able to tell the difference between a suntan and a beta-carotene induced tan. (Except, you don’t get tan lines from food!) Make tomatoes, watermelons, grapefruits and papayas your new best buddies! They contain a bright red carotenoid, lycopene, that helps tanning. Also eat tons of carrots, butternut squash and leafy vegetables like spinach and kale - they all contain a massive dose of beta carotene that gives your skin a warm, summery tone. If making salads is too much hassle, shove them in a blender, down the juice and watch your skin turn orange (we’re kidding)!

7. Bin the alcohol

Summer is hard on drinkers because alcohol drains your body of water while you’re already sweating out buckets! So BBQ lovers, swap that beer for a vitamin-packed fruit cocktail to keep your cells plumped with moisture while you sweat over the grill. 

8. Sleep on it

You need to hit the sack early enough to give your skin sufficient rest and recovery but now you can multitask at night! Seven or eight hours of snooze time offers the ideal window for the powerhouse ingredient niacinamide (vitamin B3) in Jaxon Lane’s Relax And Repair to work the night shift and turbo boost the repair process!

Jaxon Lane Relax and Repair

9. Skin-lovin’ foods

You don’t have to go foraging in a National Park or spend hours preparing fiddly dishes to tuck into skin-friendly foods. Introducing the humble avocado! Oozing with vitamins E and C, eat it, use anti-inflammatory avocado oil or even smear it on your face for instantly softer skin. Guacamole facemask, anyone? Leafy greens and eggs also stop hyper-pigmentation, while nuts and citrus fruits boost collagen for a ridiculously fresh-looking face.

10. Quit the cancer sticks 

Smoking is only good for salmon, Scotch whisky and prime sausages, right? Leaving the lungs aside, smoking is a skin tissue Dracula that drains youth from your face leaving baggy eyes, dry pigmented skin and furrows (that just make you look angry all the time)!

And finally…

Stick to the game plan, follow an easy skincare routine and you WILL start to see instant results. Come on; you got this!