What's an Enzyme Cleanser and Why Do You Need One in Your Routine?

How do you kickstart YOUR day?

Whether you’re getting ready to hit the beach, go hard in the gym or start the 9-5 grind, it’s massively easy to overlook one morning essential - skincare cleanser.

You do use a face wash for men, right?

No worries! Whether you’ve been religiously using a cleanser for longer than you care to remember or are sheepishly wanting to give it a whirl for the first time, we’ve got you covered. (Sorry - lousy joke!)

1. The Anatomy of a Good Cleanser 

A top-notch facial cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh like nothing else - getting rid of dirt, oil, dead skin and makeup (if that’s your thing).

Blocked pores and dirty skin lead to acne and skin conditions that no man wants… so it’s time banish these baddies with a scientifically-proven cleanser!

But I wash my face with soap - isn’t that enough?

NO! Substances in most soaps interact with your skin barrier and change your skin’s pH in a bad way. Remember pH, acids and alkalis? Well, healthy skin has a pH of 5.4-5.9 and normal bacterial flora. Science shows us that if you use soap regularly, it dehydrates skin, gets rid of bacterial flora and whacks up the pH along with the probability of unsexy irritation and dryness. 
So now we’ve worked out what NOT to do… What’s the ultimate way to keep skin clear, fresh, and ready for whatever the day throws at you? 

The correct answer is a top of the range facial cleanser! 

Facial cleansers are specially designed to protect skin from irritation whilst obliterating nasty toxins and unwanted impurities (including stubborn cosmetic products that refuse to shift with soap or water).

Next question. How often should you be using facial cleansers? Most are suitable for daily use and should be in your everyday skincare routine for ultimate results. In the same way, you wash your face when you wake up and then again when you hit the sack, exfoliate with facial cleansers not only to clean off daytime city grime but also overnight greasiness and toxins.

It sounds simple but as with all things skincare, it can be tricky to know exactly where to start. Which cleanser does what, what types of cleanser are there, and which is the best one for you? You can take it easy with the questions; we’ve got it sorted for you.

2. Cleansers can come in different forms ... with different results 

With a bonanza of cleansers on the market, it can seem like a whole new world! Gel cleansers, cream cleansers, foam cleansers and powder cleansers… and that’s just for starters. Let’s demystify a few.

Gel cleansers, known for their…go on, guess …yes!…gel-like texture, are water-based, often with essential oils and flower extracts. These little beauties cause little irritation to skin and work deep, deep, deep into the pores to unclog them - a top choice for oily and acne-prone skin.

Cream cleansers usually have natural oils and emulsifiers that lock in moisture whilst also getting rid of those unwanted impurities and unclogging your pores - a good option for guys battling dry skin.

Foam cleansers work by removing excess oil from the skin’s surface. When mixed with water, the cleanser lathers up into a spumy white foam to wash and eliminate oils and other pollutants from your face.

A bit like foam cleansers, powder cleansers are also kicked into gear by water. When you mix your cleanser with water, it magics into a soft foam to lather all over your sexy mug. No irritation here - Just a great feeling!
One ultra-cool benefit of powder cleansers is the fact that there’s no water in the packet, making them the perfect flight companion for an overnight work trip.

3. You're looking for the 'Ferrari' of Facial Cleansers

Think of cleansers like cars. You want one that keeps you safe in all conditions, helps you look great and feel even better! Don’t settle for an old banger when you can have the Ferrari of all exfoliators.

By the way - did you know that the best enzymes for exfoliating come from pineapple and papaya? Papaya is chock full of papain, an enzyme that works its magic by breaking down inactive proteins and eliminating dead cells and dry skin on face. Basically papaya is the perfect natural exfoliant (without the irritation other cleansers can have). And as a big shiny bonus, it also has vitamin A to minimize fine lines and crows feet.

Pineapple is another beast of an exfoliator. Loaded with bromelain (a collection of natural enzymes from the stem and fruit), it gets rid of damaged tissue while natural AHAs and BHAs chemically remove useless dead cells, smoothing out wrinkles and giving you an instant healthy glow.

4. The Best Exfoliator for men is Results Based, and its name is ... 

Jaxon Lane Shake and Wake Exfoliating Cleanser

Prizes for the correct answer! We’re joking, but we’re dead serious when we say that Jaxon Lane has made skincare uber-easy for you.

Shake And Wake is THE ultimate liquid-free enzyme cleanser. Simply add a dash of water, and it transforms into a lusciously silky foam and the perfect gentle exfoliating cleanser (without harsh scrubbers or roughness). Plant-based fibres gently remove dead skin cells, pineapple and papaya enzymes polish and a bonus load of vitamins B3, B5, and C boost your skin with an instant glow.

Jaxon lane Shake and Wake Exfoliating Cleanser

The mighty Enzyme Powder Cleanser is (and we kid you not), without a shred of doubt, the best exfoliator we could possibly develop. These proven skincare cleansers smash up dead cell structures to give your skin a sparkling new depth of cleanliness. 

So if you’re looking for a ridiculously easy-to-use cleanser to springboard your skincare to the next level, the travel-friendly Shake and Wake enzyme powder cleanser does the job. And not just well. Brilliantly.

Don’t wait for dirty skin to break out into nasty spots! Purchase now for a one-off $34, or subscribe and save 15%!