Our Founder's tips on building the perfect men's skincare routine

News flash: we’re in 2023, and quality, targeted skincare isn’t just for women any more. And as we see it, Alex Penfold, Jaxon Lane Co-Founder, is a big reason why.

Informed by his own experience with the difficulty of finding skincare products for men, Alex together with wife Jen conceived Jaxon Lane as a stylish, results-driven solution to the lack of quality skincare for the modern guy. Today, Jaxon Lane’s Bro Mask - inspired by the days when Alex had to steal Jen’s skincare masks for a DIY self-care moment - is an internet cult hit, loved by the likes of Nick Jonas (really). Lucky for the rest of us, the brand has since expanded into other key product categories, like anti-aging moisturizer, depuffing eye gels to reduce undereye bags, replenishing serum, and more. 

Clearly, Alex has some experience in translating your skin’s primary needs into easy-to-use, effective products. Below, he shares his tips for a five-step routine designed to fit seamlessly into your day - and provide your skin with lasting benefits. 

Before you start: Know the building blocks 

“If you’re just starting your skincare journey, find a high SPF moisturizer that’s light enough to wear every day, rain or shine. This is the most important step to protecting that mug now and for years down the road. Once you’ve got the daily SPF down, you can round out your routine with well-formulated face washes, serums, and moisturizers with great quality active ingredients to target fine lines, hyperpigmentation and even skin tone.”

Off we go! 

Step 1: Clean it like you mean it 

“There’s no better way to kick off the day feeling fresh and clean. Skincare goals are to layer nourishing ingredients and then lock in the goodness with a quality moisturizer, and you don’t want to be building your routine on a dirty face. Men often have larger pores and produce more oil than women, so a subtle, non-abrasive exfoliating face wash to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and excess sebum will start your routine off right.

When I discovered powder enzyme cleanser, I got an instant skincare upgrade. I don’t know why more people don’t know about it – it smooths skin without irritation, it’s travel friendly (just add water!), and it lasts forever because it’s a concentrated formula with no water in it.”

Step 2: Send under eye bags packing 

“This isn’t a step for every day, but whenever you have some extra time, it’s a great way to give your under eyes some extra attention. Whether you’ve had a long week and need some TLC or feeling a bit hungover, our Bro Mask Eye Gels target puffy eyes, fine lines and dark circles.”

A few eye gel pro tips (from the pro himself):

  • “Since they’re inconspicuously clear, you can wear them while traveling on a plane or under your sunglasses while out for a walk.”
  • “I recommend putting them in the fridge for a few minutes so you get that cooling sensation and extra depuffing when you first put them on.”
  • “Rub in any excess product once you remove the gels to let the ingredients continue to do the job.”

Step 3: Restore that healthy glow 

“Serums are concentrated with active ingredients that have powerful effects. We’ve had many customers in their 30s and older tell us they’re starting to see signs of aging, from sunspots to fine lines. We launched the latest addition to our lineup, Super Serum, to restore that youthful healthy glow to tired, dull skin.

Since there are so many single ingredient serums on the market, we decided to combine the best of the best to simplify this step with just one product. Our serum is the perfect product to use year round – it’s lightweight enough for use in the summer, targets those sunspots post-summer which many of us get and provides a strong barrier protection during colder seasons.”

Step 4: Hydration nation 

“Moisturizer is a great way to lock in the benefits of the serum you just applied while giving some extra hydration to the skin’s surface. Skin types vary so guys with oily or combination skin should search out more lightweight moisturizers while those with normal or dry skin types should consider a light moisturizer for day and a heavier one for nighttime.

Our Relax And Repair is an anti-aging moisturizer that hydrates without being oily, and is packed with active ingredients proven to prevent and repair the signs of aging. The texture is light enough for daily use under SPF, but powerful enough to be used as a night cream too.”

Step 5: Prepare and protect 

“Your future self will thank you for this one. What many guys don’t realize is that skin cancer is very common for men. More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined. I have a family history of melanoma which is why it was so important to us to launch our own facial SPF, Rain or Shine, that would have no objections of, “It’s too greasy, it’s too white.

Whether you’re working by your window from home, surfing during the summer or out on the slopes in the winter, UVA (causes skin to age) and UVB (causes sunburn) rays reflect through windows and off of surfaces like water and snow so it’s best to wear SPF year-round.

Our Rain or Shine is non-greasy, goes on smooth, dries clear and is fragrance free.”

Ready, SET, go! 

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