3 Easy Workouts You Can Do At Home

We’re starting to lose count of how many months our local gym has been closed. A former workout routine of hiking, gym, and yoga has turned into a whole lot of eating delivery burgers in front of the TV. 

Yet many of our friends are managing to stay fit through the pandemic. So we checked in with them to see how they’re staying fit, and asked them to share their easy home workouts with us. Here are 3 of our favorite easy workouts you can do at home.


Entrepreneur Ben Doolan shares his easy at home workout routine. His go to is a morning walk, followed by a 25 minute afternoon circuit workout. 

Circuit Training: Do a 25 min circuit each afternoon in the house. 1 min on each of the 5 exercises, repeat until 25 min are done. Change exercises everyday. Check out this page for circuit training routines.


We asked Celebrity Chef Stuart O’Keeffe how he’s staying fit while making all of his amazing food. Stuart mixes it up with home weights, jogging, and Peloton.

Cardio: For cardio, jog 2-3 miles, a few times a week. If you have Peloton, they have great classes to help motivate you on lazy days. 


Finally, celebrity trainer Bronco Wilson gives us an easy tip to stay fit with the whole family. 

Family Workout: Keep Moving! Being stuck at home with family is the perfect time to get out of the house for some fun activities. Go ice skating, take a walk around to see Christmas lights or Halloween decorations, or go on a hike.