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100% Hydrogel Bro Mask


Your life is busy, we get it. Long days at work, hitting the gym, weekends in the mountains (...or drinking on the beach). Your skin puts up with a lot! This is why we created the 100% Hydrogel Bro MaskTM, an antioxidant packed, ultra hydrating face mask to give you clear, smooth, glowing skin. A certain man glow, if you will.

The Bro MaskTM is made with advanced hydrogel technology, for maximum hydration and absorption of active ingredients. It is power packed with vitamins, collagen, and plant extracts proven to improve the appearance of skin. The Bro MaskTM is formulated to target problems common to men, including blemishes, redness, sun damage, and fine lines.

Each box contains 4 single use face masks.

Made in Korea, designed in California.

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Customer Reviews

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"The ingredients are formulated for typical men’s issues, like redness, sun damage, dehydration, and breakouts. I truthfully didn’t want to take the mask off, it felt so good, but after I did, my skin was noticeably more hydrated and calm. I’d use it every day if I could." New York Magazine, My Favorite Face Masks for Men 


"Alex Penfold pilfered from his wife Jen’s mask stock for years before creating the “Bro Mask,” an emphatically male-marketed sheet mask that’s larger to envelop a man’s broader face and comes in two parts, so bearded men can skip the bottom part and avoid getting the sheet mask stuck in their whiskers." Wall Street Journal, Facial Masks: For Men Who Seek a Skin-Care Edge

wsj jaxon lane bro mask - men's sheet mask wall street journal


"Why do the ladies have to be the ones getting a facial glow and putting on a mask? Did you know there's a Bro Mask? And I tried it!" Jason HarperGood Day Charlotte 


"Amazing face mask designed specifically for men and it beat out all its competition by a long shot. While other men’s grooming brands are still stuck in the charcoal mud mask rut, Bro Mask left the liquid behind and went straight to hydrogel. And hydrogel isn’t what you find in other sheet masks — those are mostly made of cotton. By making Bro Mask out of hydrogel, which can hold large amounts of liquid (like the collagen, vitamin B3, and peptide-infused serum in the mask itself), it is better able to bind to the skin, even when there is stubble or short facial hair present, and remains moist for longer, allowing better absorption of the serum. But it’s not just the engineering that makes Bro Mask our top pick, it’s the fact that, after one treatment and a good night’s sleep, it really does improve the appearance of a man’s skin. From reducing redness and puffiness to improving acne spots and dry patches, Bro Mask is the skincare power move you need employ to win the grooming game." The Manual Guide, 2019 Grooming Awards

Bro Mask, Winner of Best Face Mask in The Manual Guide's 2019 Grooming Awards


"Dry or dehydrated skin perks up almost immediately and [Bro Masks] offer a cooling sensation to help soothe red or irritated skin. If you’re worried about wrinkles, they are also great at delivering anti-aging ingredients to skin quickly. For men, sheet masks can have trouble sticking to facial hair, so look for masks that come in two parts if you have any scruff at all." Gear Patrol, How to Find the Best Face Mask For Your Handsome Mug


"If he's been poking through your self-care stash, get him his own: The Bro Mask is made from 100-percent hydrogel... The antioxidant- and collagen-packed mask is great for treating problems that plague men's skin, including blemishes and sun damage." Glamour, 13 Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Guy in Your Life


"Sheet masks are the perfect way to make eight hours in economy feel a little bit more luxe. Packed with vitamins, collagen, and plant extracts, this 100 percent hydrogel face mask is the first Korean single-use mask targeted for men's skin." Condé Nast Traveler, The Best Travel-Size Grooming Products for Men 


"’Tis the season to wind down those deep-cleaning face masks, unless you’re especially oily and still require routine pore drainage. Instead, find a hydrating one—often packaged as a sheet mask or an overnight moisturizing cream... GQ recommends: Bro Mask gel sheet mask." GQ, This Is How to Keep Your Skin Happy in the Winter


"With eyes tired and nasal pores the size of craters, with skin thin, dry and ruddy from too much office party cheer, this 55-year-old man’s face needed help. I considered a woolly, full-face balaclava (very on-trend this winter, apparently), but opted for the WSJ-endorsed, antioxidant-packed, ultra-hydrating Bro Mask instead... I applied like a pro bro, enjoyed the pleasantly astringent sensation of the cooling collagen and then, after 20 minutes, peeled it all off, patting the remaining serum into my skin as prescripted on the box. My complexion seemed a whole lot better: tighter, moisturised, less ruddy and hungover . . . pleasingly, unexpectedly, sort of clammy. I felt 53 again." Simon Mills, The London Times, Tried and tested: face masks for men


"Jaxon Lane’s Bro Mask is one of the best masks for guys on the market. Its hydrogel sheet is packed with antioxidants to treat dark spots and acne, peptides that improve wrinkles and loads of other active ingredients that give your skin a glow." - Gear Patrol, The 16 Best Men’s Grooming Gifts 


"For busy men with stressed skin. Unlike cotton sheet masks, hydrogel resembles living tissue + holds moisture, delivering ultra-hydrating + active antioxidants deep into pores." Refinery29, 20 Valentine's Day Gifts That Aren't Obvious


"If you’re someone who rolls their eyes at the mere mention of Valentine’s Day, we get it... but that doesn’t mean that you have to give a gift that’s just as cheesy. Whether he’s meticulous about his beard...or needs a wardrobe refresh, these gifts are sure to delight him on the cheesiest day of the year." Huffington Post, 18 Valentine's Day Gifts For Him That Aren't Ridiculously Cheesy


"The Strategist 100 is our collection of the best, most-stood-behind products that have ever appeared on this website. We pored over the entire history of the Strategist and cherry-picked the already cherry-picked things to find the ones we’re most confident about." - New York Magazine, The Strategist 100: Our Most-Stood-Behind Gifts

 Strategist Jaxon Lane Bro Mask


"Don't leave your boys out when planning for a moisturizing in-flight treatment–but give them something that's made for them rather than a hand-me-down from your beauty stash." Harper's Bazaar, The Ultimate Gifts For The Stylish Jet Setter


 "The Bro Mask is packed with vitamins proven to improve the appearance of skin." - British GQ


"These masks are amazing. I love the two part design. They are cooling and so hydrating. I tried them for a friend's wedding last week & with two clients. Left their skin looking hydrated and polished. Genius. I love these masks." - Kumi Craig, Celebrity Men's Groomer


"Jaxon Lane Bro Masks are a game-changer for modern men who take care of their skin. Men’s needs in masking products haven’t been addressed very thoroughly in the past, with regular sheet masks unable to stick to beards and fit the full face." Essential Homme, The Sheet Mask Designed for Men

Essential Homme Jaxon Lane Bro Mask


"This antioxidant packed, ultra moisturizing face mask leaves you with clearer, smoother and hydrated skin. Dare we say glowing?" Valet Mag, 5 Stylish Items to Buy This Week


"This mask is super-hydrating, super effective, and super fun to wear." - The Manual, Favorite Grooming Goods and Gear, and Best Stocking Stuffers for Men


"For the male beauty snob, this is a fun little stocking stuffer. Male employees deserve glowing skin just as much as women do, after all!" -, Gifts For People Who Work For You 


"The hydrogel is really pretty great, very cooling, definitely soothing, 4 stars!" - Garrett Munce, GQ Writer


"10/10 would mask again!" - Justin Fenner, Gear Patrol 


"Tingles. Feels cool. Best mask I've used in a while. No joke." - Chase Weideman, Celebrity Publicist


"I could never use sheet masks because they would always fall off but this one actually sticks and it's super hydrating." - Joey Zauzig, GQ Insider


"If you're a guy and you have the problem that you love face masks but you also have a beard and they fall off... Jaxon Lane just solved your problem." - Isaac Likes