Who we are.

Hello! We are Alex and Jen. We are a husband and wife team, and founded Jaxon Lane in San Francisco, California.

Our mission is to create super high quality Korean skincare products, designed in a fun, approachable way. Whether you're new to skincare, or an old pro, you will find that the products just work. Whether it's a sheet mask that gives you an instant healthy glow, or a sunscreen that is non-greasy, non-white, and doesn't smell like sunscreen, we live to make products better than anything else you can find out there.

Why we created Jaxon Lane.

Alex suffers from imperfect skin that he never quite grew out of after college. Blemishes, redness, uneven skin tone and fine lines from sun damage. He tried everything from prescription creams, over the counter products, to homemade natural solutions, and nothing worked. Until he met Jen, and started using her imported Korean skincare products.

South Korea is the world leader in advanced skin care science. However, truly great Korean products are hard to come by, and often hard to understand for the western consumer. We realized there’s a need to bring the world’s best skincare products here, and make it fun and approachable for the modern man.

Each Jaxon Lane product is formulated with world class manufacturers. Each product is thoughtfully designed to address problems common to men, and solve for problems most products haven't solved for (anyone else tired of greasy, white sunscreen?).  

We are excited to share our products with you - they're the ones we find ourselves grabbing every day among the dozens (and dozens!) we have on our bathroom counter - and hope you join us on your skincare journey.